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Auto Production Line Training

Our customized programs are designed to teach production line workers new skills or to enhance their current skill levels. Our programs are renowned for significant post-training improvements in quality and productivity. This is in large part due to our direct experience working in the auto production environment.

We recruit our instructors from all over the country. Each has not only superb technical skills, but they really know how to relate to people and provide effective training.

Our instructors enjoy instant credibility with the workers and line superintendents because of their years of experience on production lines. They truly understand the needs and challenges of that environment.

We even have a few proprietary processes and dent recognition techniques that have solved long-standing problems at some production plants. Contact us today for more information and browse the links below.

Check Out Some of Our Training Programs:
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  Metal Finishing - Includes dent recognition, picking up the metal, filing & finishing techniques, using the dent welder, and soldering (as needed)

  Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) - Includes dent recognition, reading the light, selecting the right tool, seeing the tool, determining access points, and glue pulling

  Heavy Metal Repair - Including Soldering & MIG Welding Techniques. (AWS Certification also available)  

  Spot Paint Repair - Includes surface preparation, spraying techniques, color & finish matching, and blending for quality spot paint repairs

  Panel Fit Training - Fitting non-welded body panels to design tolerances.  

Our Customized Training Programs Feature:

Low Student to Staff Ratios (6-8 per instructor)

Professional Staff with Years of Production Line Training Experience

Effective Hands-On Learning

Custom Support Materials & Books

Effective Teaching Techniques

Program Funding Options:

Joint Funds - Approved training provider listed in the "Single Point Process" system

State Grants - If your state has training grant money available, we can help you access this funding resource

Local Plant Funds - At your preference

New IQ Tool Catalog:

Sample Page from our NEW IQ Tool Catalog!
We've just created a line of competitively-priced Paintless Dent Repair and Metal Finishing tools and equipment. Our expert staff selected these quality tools to meet the specialized needs of auto assembly plants. Some of these items are custom built to our specifications and are not available from other sources.

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our New IQ Tool Catalog

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