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Auto Production Line Training
Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is the preferred technique for repair of dents & dings in painted body panels. Call us to arrange a visit so we can determine first-hand the particular needs in your plant and customize the training accordingly.

These programs may be structured for new trainees or to increase the skill level of your more experienced PDR dingmen. We implement all the newest tools and techniques including glue pullers and our own patent-pending dent imaging film. We can also make recommendations for tools or equipment if it will improve the quality and/or productivity of your production process.

Photo Gallery

Instructor John Rademacher helping a student perform PDR on a tailgate
PDR training in a classroom setting
Students checking their vertical ding repair work on a pickup truck bed
A student using a slide hammer glue puller
Student applying the PDR techniques he learned on the line
Students applying the PDR techniques they just learned

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