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Our Background in Alternative Energy
Our company founder, Bob Colesworthy, was an auto technology instructor at Lewis & Clark Career Center in Saint Charles, Missouri from 1980 to 1995. In 1990, he designed and built an electric & gasoline hybrid car with student help. It was displayed twice at Education Fairs held at Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters Missouri in 1990 and 1991.

Electric/Gasoline hybrid car, built by Bob Colesworthy & students on public display at Education Fair, Mid Rivers Mall, 1990

The car was based on a damaged 1973 Honda Civic that had been donated to the school. Bob retained the front drivetrain and air-cooled gasoline engine. The rear was equipped with a differential connected to a DC electric motor. The front and rear of the body were modified for improved aerodynamics and styling. The vehicle started and accelerated on the gasoline engine up front, then switched to electric battery power at cruising speed.

IQ Learning Systems has developed a significant presence in the world of alternative energy, particularly focused on the use of ethanol motor vehicle fuels. Our independent research indicates that, as a gasoline additive, ethanol is currently the best alternative for addressing important environmental concerns and the needs for a renewable domestically-produced liquid energy resource.

These are a few of our activities in the last two years:

• Created and delivered 2-hour training sessions for auto
   technicians in Dallas, TX

• Delivered a 1-hour training program for auto technicians
  in Sioux Falls, ND

• Developed ethanol racing fuel support materials for EPIC,
  the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council

• Advisory committee membership and assisted in the development
  of web-based training for EPIC

• Operating National Technical Support Hotline for those interested
  in racing ethanol

• Attended an industry advocate group (25x'25) meeting and
  acted as committee member

• Attended the Advancing Renewable Energy Conference held
  in St. Louis, 2006

• Attended Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Conference,
  toured National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO

• Featured speaker at the Advanced Engineering & Technology
  Conference in Dec, 2007, Orlando, FL

• Filed Provisional Patent with US Patent Office for a fuel-efficient
  vehicle engine and management system

What's Next?

IQ Learning Systems, Inc. will continue to support the efforts of many organizations in educating technicians and end consumers about all aspects of utilizing ethanol-enhanced fuels. We will continue to stay in touch with top racers and share all available information with racers, engine builders, and race sanctioning organizations. We will soon be seeking funding to develop hardware to create a truly fuel-efficient engine and control system that will take full advantage of what the different fuels can do. You can count on us to share the most up-to-date information about alternative energy resources and the real advantages and special requirements of ethanol fuels.

Our Philosophy:

We feel strongly about the need to overcome public mistrust and misconceptions about alternative fuels. We can achieve this through more effective outreach programs, targeted training, and technological developments. Click here to learn more about our findings, goals, and why we've decided to become a part of this challenging endeavor.

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