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Paint Repair - PR001
Beginning Level

Our PR001 30 hour introductory class is a terrific introduction to spot paint repairs.

Spot Paint Repair technicians use specialized tools, materials and techniques to remove small paint imperfections without needing to repaint an entire panel. Done correctly, these spot repairs are durable and practically invisible.

Paint repair is part science and part art. It requires a lot of personalized instruction and many hours to master. PR001 offers you a first step in obtaining the skills and knowledge to succeed at paint repair. Our instructors are working professionals in the field of paint repair. They own and operate auto collision and/or auto detailing services that regularly repair the types of defects covered in class.

Our Unique Program Curriculum Includes:

  Flaw Identification - Learn which flaws require which type of repair.

  Buffing and Blocking - Learn how to remove many common flaws with abrasives and buffers.

  Paint Pens - Learn to repair minor scratches with commercial clear coat fillers.

  Chip Repair - Use a variety of materials to fill and blend chips in the surface.

  Filling Techniques - Apply specialized glazes to fill deep scratches and other abrasions.

  Paint Spraying - Learn tips from the pros to apply a quality paint finish.

  Blending - Effectively blend repairs into the existing finish.

PR001 Paint Repair Program Specifications:

Class Contact Hours - 30.0

TAP Tuition - $1240.00 (JOB RELATED)

Student Purchase - Respirator Required, under $20.00 (see below)

Minimum Class Size - 8

Maximum Class Size - 15

Class Schedule - This class is designed to meet Mon - Fri for two weeks in ten 3-hour sessions or can be conducted on two consecutive weekends, Sat & Sun, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Classroom Specs - 70 sq. ft. per workstation, 2 students per station.

Important Note: This class must be run in shop suitable for spraying paint. If you do not have such a facility, we can make arrangments with a local vocational school or automotive repair shop. It is helpful if the room has a dry erase whiteboard or we can bring our own.

OSHA requires that those involved in spraying paint wear the correct type of respirator. The small fiber-type masks are not acceptable. An example of the correct type of respirator is shown in the photo below.

All additional equipment and support materials are provided for instruction by IQ Learning Systems including body panels, tools, and a classroom set of our own custom training manuals.

Required Respirator:
This is the type of respirator required for class

For health reasons, respirators must not be shared. We bring a very limited number of new respirators for sale in class. Respirators range in price from $16.50 to $20.00 and are available in small, medium, and large sizes. We will advise as to local sources from which you can purchase the required respirator.

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