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Carvin Electric Guitar Technology
Program - C001

You'll learn how wood, steel, electronics and strings combine to make music, and the tools, materials and tricks to build, set-up and finish a guitar right. Join top guitar repair and tech professionals, and touring musicians for this enjoyable, hands-on, two-day program.

Setting up an electric guitar the right way makes an amazing difference in its playability and sound. We'll bring a top-quality Carvin Bolt or Bolt-T guitar kit for you to assemble and learn setup technology. Or, you can take advantage of our student discount and purchase your own Carvin guitar kit, personalized with just the options you want. See below for additional information.

Our Unique Program Curriculum Includes:

þ  Assembly - Part preparation, precision alignment, installation and wiring of of guitar kit components.

þ  Relief - Measuring and adjusting the truss rod for optimum neck bow.

þ  Nut Height - Measuring, filing, & filling of individual nut slots.

þ  Action - Measuring & adjusting string height to your personal playing style.

þ  Intonation - Adjusting the saddles so the instrument plays in tune everywhere on the fretboard.

þ  Finishes - Explanation of paint finishes and demonstration of tung oil & dye application.

C001 Program Specifications:

Class Contact Hours - 14.0

TAP Tuition - $840.00 (personal enhancement class, guitar kit optional)

Class Meets - Sat, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sun, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Minimum Class Size - 8

Maximum Class Size - 24, maximum of 8 students per instructor
   (additional staff added as required).

Note: This class can be run in most any shop or classroom environment. It creates no dust or fumes and we place all guitar parts & materials on protective rubber mats. All rooms utilized are returned in their original condition. It is helpful if the room has a dry erase whiteboard or we can bring our own. All equipment and support materials are provided for instruction by IQ Learning Systems. A discounted Carvin Electric Guitar Kit can be purchased and additional cost. (see below)

Optional Carvin Electric Guitar Kit:

When you take our program, you can assemble one of our Carvin Bolt kits or you may purchase your own and keep it at the completion of class. If you do buy, you'll save about half of what these guitars sell for already assembled. These stage-caliber instruments are all American made in San Diego, CA.

Save money on this great Carvin Bolt kit!

Follow these three steps if you'd like to see what your guitar kit will cost. Be sure to get your guitar order in to us at least 5 weeks before class so that it will be ready in time. Call 1-800-597-9747.

Step 1 - Choose one of these basic guitar body styles:

Type of Bridge:
Product Code:
Enrollee Price:
 Guitar Kit with fixed bridge
 Guitar Kit w/Wilkinson tremolo bridge

NOTE: Both basic kits above include a solid alder wood body, maple neck with ebony fingerboard, three single-coil pickups, gloss white pick guard, chrome hardware and Carvin premium tuners. Both are available left-handed (please specify left-hand model at time of order).

Step 2 - Then choose your options below:
Product Code:
Enrollee Price:
 Swamp Ash Body
 Birds Eye Maple Fingerboard
 Humbucking Bridge Pickup
 Sperzel Locking Tuners
 Twin Blade Humbucking Pickups
 White Pearloid Pickguard
 Black Pearloid Pickguard
 "Tortoise Shell" Pickguard
 Black Chrome Hardware
 Gold Plated Hardware
Options Total:

Step 3 - Add your total price:

 Basic Guitar Kit (from Step 1)
 Options (from Step 2)
 Add Shipping
 Total Guitar Kit Price (add above)

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